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Create, Buy, Sell, Meme NFTs

MemeAble is a meme NFT marketplace. Create memes, stamp them into NFTs, and give others the right to use them using our native currency MEMA.

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Binance Contract


Can be purchased on Pancake Swap


4% LP & 4% Burn

4% of each transaction is used to grow the Liquidity Pool (LP), decreasing price fluctuations over time. 4% of each transaction is burned, reducing supply and applying upward pressure on demand.


1% Reflections & 1% Dev Wallet

1% of every transaction is reflected to holders of MEMA, including the burn wallet. 1% is sent to the Dev Wallet for development and marketing.


2% Max Supply

There is a 2% of the total supply cap on transactions as an anti-whale mechanism.

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MemeAble Utility

Meme NFT Marketplace

MemeAble will serve as currency for a Meme NFT Marketplace. Users can create Meme NFTs and sell the rights to use them. MEMA will be used as the currency for the marketplace. With every purchase of memes, tokenomics will be in effect, generating upward price pressure for MEMA.

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Image by Matt Duncan

Road Map

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Q3 2022


  • Hire the development team to create the MemeAble NFT Marketplace

  • Continue the social media branding on Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook

  • MEMA contract audit

  • Develop partnerships with other NFT platforms to use MEMA

  • Coingecko listing

  • CoinMarketCap Listing

Q4 2022


  • Continue with coding for the MemeAble NFT Marketplace

  • Partner with Influencers on Youtube and Twitter

  • Identify and contract with a marketing firm

  • Consult with a legal team(s)

  • Set MemeAble NFT Marketplace economics

  • Conduct community polls about the utility and usability of the Marketplace

  • Identify a sequence of centralized exchanges to apply for listing

Q1 2023


  • Double down on the marketing campaign

  • Connect with social media platforms regarding the integration of Meme NFTs

  • List on 2 centralized exchanges (CEX)

  • Launch of the MemeAble NFT Marketplace

Q2 2023


  • List on additional CEXs

  • Continue marketing and branding of MemeAble

  • Ads campaign across multiple media types

  • Influencer integration 

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